Pilot Services

MPT (Marine Pilot Transfer) by helicopter.

From the 1400's until a few years ago, harbour pilot boats and launches were the only way of getting a maritime pilot on board a ship, either entering or leaving harbour. Marine Pilots were required to endure up to three-quarters of their duty time being ferried around in launches.  Clearly this was expensive and had a direct impact on pilot fatigue.  Today, helicopters are increasingly being employed to conduct MPT.  MPT by helicopter can be safely conducted by day and by night courtesy of advanced flight instrumentation and night vision capabilities and is a superior method of pilot transfer in terms of:

  • Safety – reduced pilot down-time (waiting) and physical exertion to reach the bridge equals reduced fatigue.
  • Response time (base to ship)
  • Embarkation/disembarkation time
  • Execution i.e., vessels maintain full steam ahead with no risk of hull damage


At APG we have the most highly trained helicopter pilots in Australia with extensive experience in MPT.  All of our pilots are twin engine single pilot IFR rated and have thousands of hours experience, mostly in the MPT environment.  This aviation experience is complimented by long serving professional marine pilots within the management team.  


APG have you covered from "sea to sky"

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